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Walter Malone, M.A.

Vice President of Research and Evaluation

Phone: (269) 808-2577



Mr. Malone was born in Detroit, Michigan and lived in a single parent household with his mother and older brother. Growing up in the inner city was a very difficult feat for Walter. Through his perseverance and passion to succeed, he was able to complete high school and go on to college. Walter graduated from Western Michigan University in April of 2005 with a bachelor degree in Business Management. He would later complete his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology.


Mr. Malone has held many positions during his professional career including a position of Executive Manager at Target Corporation before deciding to go back to school to pursue his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Mr. Malone has worked as the Program Coordinator and Assistant Director of the Trio Upward Bound Program.  He currently serves as the Director for the Alpha program at Western Michigan University serving student who are conditionally admitted into the University providing mentorship and advising to increase their probability of success.


As the Vice President of Research and Evaluation for Future 4 Teens, Mr. Malone has experienced a great amount of pleasure in working with young adults. During his five years as with Future 4 Teen he has provided teens with the space to discuss their experiences growing up in under privileged environments, developing their identity, building healthy relationships, and pursuing their academic goals. By evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of the Future 4 Teens programs and services Mr. Malone plans to maximize quality assurance and continue to meet the needs of Future 4 Teens participates.


He also mentors undergraduate students of color, serves as a Deacon at his church, and is an active and dedicated husband and father. Walter hopes to one day run a counseling practice, start his motivational speaking firm, “Malone Motivation” and obtain a position at a four year institutions serving academic vulnerability students. He also wishes to continue his work with the Future 4 Teens team throughout the duration of his professional career.


He is very passionate about serving the youth populations to promote and motivate academic excellence. Through Future 4 Teens,  community service, and motivational speaking, Walter’s hope is to produce a positive impact in the lives of young people.  He states, “We have been afforded the privilege to address the injustices that frequently plague our society. It is my hope to take advantage of every opportunity to meet the needs of our young adults and nurture their potential through empowerment. I believe that our future is made strong when we have invested in the tools to maximize their potential."

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