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Workshops and Services


F4T professionals have created professional and personal development opportunities for adults that care about youth too. We work with churches, schools, corporations, health care providers, and others providing workshops, trainings, or hosting community talks on the following:

C.A.R.E. : A Guide to Working more Effectively with Youth

                Are you interested in learning practical strategies for more effectively working with or reach



Family Ties: Connection and Healing to Strengthen Families

       Do old family secrets or tensions keep you family in conflict? Are you ready to love one another better?


Jesus and the Shrink: The Integration of Mental Wellness and Spiritual Growth

        Are you open to developing a new kind of relationship with your higher power and yourself or congregation? Who said mental health and the church couldn't work together?!


Creating Your Social Justice Framework to Care/Service

                Are you ready to take your business to a whole new level?


A Workshop for ______ist

                How come there is never support for those that have been deemed racist, sexist, prejudice, etc? 

                Would you like to better understand and to feel more understood?


A Workshop for the Oppressed                        

                Will you survive? Are you interested in healing and connection?


Workshops and consultations are provided as requested. Contact Dr. Brandi Pritchett-Johnson at (269) 615-4199 for pricing information.

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